Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holidays... time for scrapbooking (or packing)

So, now the madness of Christmas is over... We are packing up our house again to move to our more permanent home. Feels great after moving around rentals for 6 years!

In between packing boxes in the impossible QLD humidity, I have been trying to catch up with some scrapbooking.

Here is a page that I created for the Stuck?! blog mid-December sketch challenge. It is of Tobey on the morning of "talk like a pirate" day at school.

He's pretty cute huh? I like that I am getting back into my scrappy groove now. It's taken about 6 months!

I'm packing up my scrappy supplies soon and I am sure I will find some unwanted goodies. I might see how many people I can get to come out of lurk-dom and say hello.

Until then, enjoy the holidays!



  1. Great page Mel. Love that colour combination and he is a gorgeous pirate.
    Good luck with the move. Now you can settle down and make home for good. Enjoy.

  2. Ohh Mel... this is totally awesome.. and I have always loved little boys dressed up as pirates.. they just look so darn cute

  3. Hey Mel, I stumbled across your SMASH challenge when I popped over here from fb. I love your prompts and your pages. Think I might blow the dust off my smash journal and give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh and I love your pirate :) best of luck with the move. Ax

    1. Hi Ali... Welcome. Please share some of your smash pages, i'd love to see them!