Sunday, March 9, 2014

March mood board challenge at the Jot blog

Did you know that the March Mood Board challenge is on over at the Jot Magazine blog? Click here to take a look.

Jot Girl Kim Jeffress has put together a bright and colorful mood board to brighten your day. Head over to the blog to see what the girls have made with the mood board as inspiration.
Image credits |1. Powdered paint colour palette via Pinterest here>> 2. Removeable Surface Art’s wall decals via Brands Exclusive website here>>  3. Pop art inspired drawers from the Mackis range by Ikea. Visit the Ikea blog here>>  4. Bright painted trye props from Pretty In Pink’s Teresa Smith via Pinterest here>>

February mood board challenge at the Jot blog

I'm very late to the party but I thought I would share my layout for the February Mood Board challenge at the Jot Magazine Blog.

Jot challenges readers monthly to create a project using the provided mood board as inspiration. Images are collected from all around the web and put together in awesome colour combinations.

February's mood board looked like this:

Image credits | 1. Bedroom linen from Bibelotte via Pinterest here>> 2. Stitched flower cushion via Pinterest here>> 3. Gift wrapping from via Pinterest here>> 4. Flower cushion from Amy Butler via Pinterest here>> 5. Orange wedge shoes from via Pinterest here>>

And my take on the mood board:

I'ts so much fun. Try the mood board challenge for march here.