Friday, July 6, 2012

Smash Book Challenge Day 21

Day 21. Three weeks in. How are you all doing?

Today's challenge was all about chores. I am not a neat freak or a cleaning nut like Monica Geller, and I would rather do most any chore than cleaning the bathroom. Especially the toilet. It is a terrible job with a small and large boy in the house. Plus all the long hair on the floor of the bathroom from a small and a large girl in the family.

Anyway, After confessing that I hate cleaning, please don't think my house is a mess. Its not, because I grin and bear the cleaning. One day when I am rich I will get a cleaner, I swear.

Anyway today's page is simple, I cut the chevron and the title with my silhouette.

I bought another smash journal and I want to start throwing catalogue and magazine clippings in. I love the Anthropologie catalogues but I can't get any in Australia. Can anyone help with this? Maybe a trade for something Australian?

Have a great Friday.



  1. Oh, I'm totally with you on the bathroom thing! Toilets are gross, and I think I had a dream about cleaning a toilet a few nights ago, it's coming back to me now!!! I love this page, though, especially the chevron - the colours are FABULOUS! I'd love to help you with the catalogue, but we don't get Anthropologie here, either. SEARS?

  2. Hi Mel,
    I wish I'd been in on your Smash journey from day 1...What a great idea to help get smashing! Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. You can join in any time, at your own pace, I am posting in a haphazard manner anyway. Happy smashing!