Thursday, May 31, 2012

Smash Book Challenge

Ok, things are pretty dusty around here... I am posting today (first day of Winter eeek!) in the hopes that I will remain motivated for the month of June.  Some of you saw on instagram that I had posted about a Smash Journal Challenge I was doing myself. I have done a few pages and gotten ahead so I am posting the challenge on here for you all to play along if you like.

Aside from the topics I also set myself an additional challenge for each page. I have a ton of old rub ons from my previous scrapbooking life, so I challenged myself to use some of the rub ons on each page. So far so good. Secondly, I was to use a square photo from instagram or hipstamatic from my iPhone. You can do something similar too if you want to use up some of your stash supplies.

So here is the challenge:

 And my day 1 page:

Hope you can play along and join me, I will host a little giveaway during the month too :)



  1. I'm playing... but I can't promise it will all be pretty OR polite... I got some issues to smash out ;)

    1. Absolutely... I will go in Kristi Contes style and perhaps drop the "F" bomb on a page... I have issues too, LOL.

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  3. What a great idea! June is three days old but I think I'll start here cuz it's going to be a challenging month and this project should help me stay centered.

  4. Found this in Pinterest. I LIKE! :) Not sure that I could commit to a challenge right now, but this is sure a good plan for a smash journal. THANKS :)

  5. Sounds like alot of fun and woiuld love to join along but here where I live Summer has begun and that means running all over for recitals graduations and such. But I did copy and would like to follow you have some really fun ones to do on your challenge. So it may not be day by day but I may be able to do it on the weekends. Thanks for the fun challenge!

  6. I just found this on Pinterest and will probably be doing it alone at this late date but thanks for the great idea :)
    I read the first couple of sentences and did a double take. June for me is the start of Summer. So now it's December...enjoy the summer:)

  7. I'm a bit behind the times lol But I will be doing this, sounds fun :)