Monday, May 30, 2011

A new adventure...

... For my dear friend Kim.

I have been a part of the Make yourself @home family for two years now and I love making samples for classes and generally having a ball with my scrappy/crafty friends.

The lovely Kim Archer has been working on a project for a while now that might interest you.

Kim says:

I would like to introduce to you all,

Etzcetera Magazine

....An online bi-monthly crafty lifestyle magazine.

Visit our website here. Sign up for our newsletter so you can keep up with our happenings as well as be one of the first to know when we have launched.

So if you feel like you need a little reading matter on all things crafty... Etzcetera Magazine is your go-to!



  1. I am SOOOO excited you found me because I cannot believe that there is another Mel who is also a crafty scientist! Seriously!? I think we must immediately form our own cool kids club. Only for crafty scientists named Mel. Maybe we can let in other crafty scientists later... : )

  2. Awesome! We can have shirts and buttons and a treehouse... or something like that... I feel like I might be a little too excited about this plan! But thanks for the blogroll add! I totally did a double take just now when I saw my name appear, haha! And by the way, I keep commenting on your emails because you're one of those "no-reply@blogger" people - if you adjust your settings I can just email you back. Not that I mind, just wanted you to know! : )

  3. I realized I don't have an email address for you or I would have told you that way, but wanted to invite you to join the crafty scientist directory (okay, linky party and blog hop) on my blog AND get a fun new button to tell the world you're a crafty scientist. You can find all the info here: I hope you'll join and hope all's well! : )