Monday, July 8, 2013

Stuck?! Sketch for July 1 and thoughts on fitness/weight loss

Hi everyone.

Just thought I would share my layout for the Stuck?! sketches blog this month. It is called "Foodie" and describes exactly what I am. Food (and craft supplies) is my weakness. I am trying to overcome the food effects by going to the gym regularly and giving up some junk.

I'm finding it hard so far... Working full time, 2 school aged kids (going to a school 20 minutes drive in the opposite direction of where I work), husband and parent-in-laws all under one roof. I have my mother in law cook for us to help out while I am working but it's hearty and not so healthy food. I know I can say no to that nice big helping of meatloaf bbq sauce and scalloped potato, but who does that after putting in a full day teaching teenagers? Its just easy to pile up the plate and sit with my family.

So exercise? The gym is a 40 minute round trip, and running around our estate gives me pain in my shins. I read that I may be doing it wrong... but who can help? Nobody I know runs or goes to the gym... I feel alone on this journey. I can't exercise at lunch because I work in and office and wear shirts and skirts and have 30 minutes for lunch. I read thais journey.

Sigh... I need to find a pattern, a routine, and make it a habit. But I do persist, I do keep going to aerobics, I do keep trying to run through the pain, and I choose not to eat that second scone at morning tea. I don't buy the tim tams any more, and I choose to walk along the beach instead of watching tv on the weekend.

And I have noticed changes, subtle but they are there. Any tips on making this journey easier would be welcomed!

Mel xx


  1. I love your layout Mel, the circles are great!
    Not sure if I can help about the weightloss tho...its something I struggle with too. I'm an all or nothing kind of person so my best advice to you (&myself) is moderation I suppose :)